Last of the Hitlers
For more than 50 years, the relatives of Adolf Hitler have hidden under false names on Long Island, New York. They have remained in hiding since the Second World War and have made a pledge never to have children. The Hitler name will die with them. In this revelatory new film "The Last of the Hitlers," their story is told.

William Patrick Hitler was the Liverpool born son of Adolf Hitler's half-brother, Alois Hitler. But Alois left William’s mother Brigid shortly after his birth. It wasn’t until the thirties that the young man’s curiosity was stirred by the rise of a German politician with the same name. Brigid admitted the family relationship and William was soon on the boat to Hitler’s Germany in search the German branch of the family. However his investigations were to turn up far more than a few scattered relatives. He was to unearth secrets that if they were to come out would ruin the Reich’s Chancellor. When William finally met his Uncle face to face there was little family affection: "Uncle Adolf" referred to William Patrick as "my loathsome nephew". He also accused William of blackmail a threat, which in the climate of 1930’s Germany he had to take seriously. With the help of the British secret services William fled Germany and with his mother boarded a boat for America.

Here at last the family name was worth something as William became a useful propaganda tool in the war against the Nazis. William joined the U.S. navy and newsreel cameras were there as he raised his right hand and swore allegiance to Uncle Sam. After the war however the full horror of the Nazi regime became apparent and the Hitler name became a burden too great to bear. William changed his name and went into hiding.

William Patrick Hitler died in 1987, aged 76. However, the Hitler bloodline was carried on through William Patrick's four sons - one of whom died in a road accident in 1989 - and that the brothers had decided in a remarkable pact not to have children themselves in order that Adolf Hitler's genes would die with them.

In “The Last of the Hitlers” we follow journalist David Gardner as he uncovers this remarkable story. Meeting on his journey everyone from the world's greatest Hitler experts to family friends who lived next door. He unravels the burden that goes hand in hand with being “The Last of the Hitlers”.

"The Last of the Hitlers" 1x50mins A Barkingmad Production. 2002