The Green Door
An old song, a new house, lots to do. A creaky train passes by or are those strange sounds coming from the past?

Behind the wallpaper a green door and an old room full of memories, something frightening.

Obsession is a beautiful voice, distant unavailable torture. A glimpse of the past, a lonely child and a mysterious mother singing that haunting tune. "Why do you have to go out? Why do you have to leave me? I won’t be long."

She wakes. He cracks. Obsession becomes violence and death. Can she believe her eyes. Is he really looking at her.

Hide. Too late. Hammering. Trapped and attacked from both sides. Scream, the train howls. The past becomes the present. The sounds become real the song comes to an end.

1x12 minutes Starring Linda Robson, Shirley Anne Field, Michael Sheard and Bobbi Dunford

Directed by David Howard Producers Madoc Roberts and Rik Hall

Executive Producer Mark Jones.