The British Governmet has always denied any interest in UFO sightings, however in recent years files began to turn up in the public record office that betrayed a surprisingly long and full history of concern about sightings. Nazi flying saucers were supposedly created towards the end of the war as the Nazis became more and more desperate. This was obviously something that the armed forces couldn’t afford to ignore. Explained away as exotic aircraft, the technology used is thought to be responsible for the remarkable Avro car and the Harrier jump jet. The Ministry of Defence first took an interest in UFOs in 1950 and set up the Flying Saucer Working Party to look into the phenomenon. A 1952 sighting involving RAF pilot Michael Swiney and his Royal Navy student David Crofts was truly frightening and never fully explained. There was also the extraordinary saga of royal equerry Sir Peter Horsley and his extraordinary meeting with a mysterious character called Mr Janus who he was convinced was an alien from another planet who could read his mind. Lady Pamela Hicks, daughter of Earl Mountbatten, told how a gardener late for work had come up with a tale of alien abduction. He knew of Mountbatten’s interest in UFOs but went a little too far in his story claiming that he had been beamed up and taken to the pyramids. Perhaps the most famous case covered is the Rendelsham forest incident, which is one of the few documents, forced into the public arena by pressure from the UFO community. All in all considering their denials that persist to today, the British Government has been remarkably active in its research into UFOs.